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"One of the coolest things I have experienced in Las Vegas"


- Las Vegas Magazine

Lost Spirits


$59 Tickets Include:

  • Five (5) glasses of 19th century style English rum (4 oz.)

  • Live Entertainment: Music, Modern Cirque, Acrobats, Contortionists, Entertainers...

  • Guided Distillery Tours

  • A giant immersive art installation to explore

welcome to our world

Lost Spirits has long been one of the world's top ranked distilleries.  However, our co-founder and master distiller is a former amusement park artist.  As such, the distillery is literally surrounded by a football field sized immersive dream world built to be the perfect place to enjoy a fine spirits tasting.  

The new Lost Spirits Las Vegas experience focuses on 19th century English drink and takes you to the seedy streets of victorian literature.  Arrive at the Lost Spirits check in wagons, exterior to AREA15.  Once inside, spend the night sipping exquisite spirits, enjoying a guided through the distillery where you can explore the inner workings of the distillery & laboratory. 

After the distillery tour you are free to walk the sordid streets, interact with the circus performers and discover our beautiful world.  From the submarine docks to the London styled carnival & chapel, drinks are on the house as you're entertained by snake charmers, acrobats, magicians, and animatronic birds.  


"Lost Spirits Vegas is

a whole new world"

- Forbes Magazine




"This is his [Davis'] newest dream factory: Lost Spirits Las Vegas, which could be equated to an adult Disneyland where you can sip high-end hooch on the rides."

- Las Vegas Review Journal



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"A retro-futuristic wonderland"


- Las Vegas Weekly

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"a world like no other"

"Lost Spirits Vegas is a whole new world — one of holograms, music, hidden speakeasy rooms, submarines, chauffeur-driven buggies,  fishes with human faces. In the course of 90 plus minutes you are taken out of Las Vegas and transported to Havana, to the Great Gatsby era, underwater. In short you are taken into fantastical new worlds."


- Forbes Magazine





- Spirits Business Magazine UK

Located Exterior to AREA 15 - Las Vegas


From $59 per guest
($49 for nevada residents)

Tickets Include:  

plenty of strong drink  
live performances
space to wander and explore

Thursday: 2 PM - 8 PM
Friday: 4 PM - 10 PM
Saturday: 2 PM - 10 PM
Sunday: 4PM - 8 PM
Monday: 3 PM - 8 PM

rates for NV Locals, Military & First Responders
can be applied at checkout