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What is this place?  

Lost Spirits is as beautiful as it is difficult to explain.  It is a full blown modern cirque show (with 44 acrobats and performers), set in an immersive theatre.  Think of it as a social version of a Las Vegas show, where you walk through the sets with your companions and the show unfolds all around you.  

What is an immersive theatre?  

Immersive theatre is a new experimental theatre structure, originating in NY and Los Angeles.  Instead of watching a show from your seats, guests spend the evening walking through the sets, surrounded by the cast.  When done well, this theatre format creates an intense dream like effect.

In the case of Lost Spirits, Las Vegas, we have assembled one of the best (and largest) casts in Las Vegas.  We built them an elaborate victorian theatre set, surrounding a working distillery, and cut you loose to experience
 it!  Enjoy!!!

May I bring my kids?

Lost Spirits is for adults 21 and over.   

EXCEPTION:  We allow guests under 21 to attend the Séance Show on Saturdays at 2:00pm. Ticket at  

But the name says Distillery, I don't understand? 

Inside the giant immersive theatre set you will find a real working rum distillery where we make the booze served during the show!!!!  You can even take a distillery tour in the middle of the shows.


Does that mean my ticket includes a rum tasting?  

Yes!!! Every ticket we sell includes award-winning house-made rum served throughout the show!  The general admission tickets include a lot and the VIP tickets include cocktails as well!!!   

Is Lost Spirits fun if I don't drink?  


We are a top tier Las Vegas' show with, or without, the rum.  Plus we have fancy craft sodas which you can drink instead of booze if you like.

Is Lost Spirits good for groups?

Yes.  Unlike competing shows, at Lost Spirits you are able to explore socially with your companions.  You will Laugh, cheer, talk, and drink together.  There are also multiple lounges within the sets where you and companions can break away from the action to relax and chat. 

How long is the show?

Immersive shows are inherently non-linear.  Meaning, they don't exactly have a beginning or an end - more like you walk into a dream and everything comes to life around you.  Most guests stay for 1.5 - 2 hours of the 2 hour run time. 

How racy is Lost Spirits (is it ok for co-workers)?  

Lost Spirits is seductive, dark, and elegant - but it is not raunchy or political. The trailer & pictures are representative of what to expect.   


Is there Live Music?


Does Lost Spirits offer a Dining option?

Yes.  The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea dining room offers a 16 course fine dining experience for $299 per person.  There are two packages: Fine dining tickets can be purchased to include admission to Lost Spirits' shows or can be purchased solo.  NOTE: These tickets sell out in advance.

Do I have to pay to enter AREA15?

AREA15 is free to visit.  However, there are charges to visit attractions inside.  

How Big is Lost Spirits?

Lost Spirits exceeds the footprint of a football field.  

Where is Lost Spirits Located?

We are located on the AREA15 campus alongside Illuminarium and Army of the Dead.  Park in the AREA15 parking lot and walk over to our check in circus wagons (they are covered in string lights, you can't miss them).  

Our physical address is 3202 W. Desert Inn. Las Vegas, 89102.  

May I use my camera during the show?

You may use your camera, but please, refrain from using the flash when photographing.  It startles the animals.  

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, however, due to the walking component, flat shoes are recommended.  Many people dress up - this is a top end show after all.   

Is there parking?

Yes.  Parking is available at AREA15. However, because of the alcohol consumption involved during your experience we STRONGLY advise the use of a taxi or ride share service.  The majority of our customers use Uber/Lyft.


Are there additional drinks for sale?

Yes. There are cocktails available for sale in several bars throughout the show.  One of them even has the world's 4th best animatronic bird show in it.  

May I purchase additional glasses of rum?

Yes.  Additional tastings are available for sale inside.  


What happens if I arrive after my check in time?

Shows start at the stated time and continue for 2 hours. We recommend arriving on time to view the full experience.   


If you have dinner reservations at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, late entry is not permitted due to the time sensitive nature of each dish that comes out in a highly curated fashion.

Is the rum gluten free?




​Is the rum Kosher?

It depends who you ask.  By most standards, yes.  However, the equipment itself has not undergone kosherization and the fermentation barrels as well as some oak used to age the spirits did previously contain or come into contact with non-kosher wine.  Most Rabbis negotiate these minor transgressions in the context of fine spirits production. 

Will Lost Spirits store my luggage while I take the tour?


How do I get tickets?  

Click here to buy tickets or click on the button below.

Lost Spirits Distillery FAQ: 

Cancellation Policy:
Because our small staff spends a great deal of time preparing for your visit, tickets are non-refundable but fully transferable up to 24 hours in advance of your reservation provided a ticket insurance for each ticket at checkout.

Wheelchair Logo.png

The tour is fully accessible, however, it requires a small amount of modifications under some circumstances so please reach out to at the time of booking.   

Covid Policy:
The State of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas have largely restored life to the tolerably repressed state that it existed in pre-pandemic.  However, the unvaccinated are still required to wear masks.  If you have experienced potential symptoms of Covid-19, we ask you not to attend, and please contact us. Lost Spirits is a wonderful place, and part of keeping it that way involves plague prevention.  If you appear ill, you will be asked to leave and your visit will be rebooked.

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