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- March 2019 -

world whisky of the year, 2019

Abomination: The Crying of the Puma takes home World's Best Whisky 2019 and World Whisky of the Year Award.  link

Lost Spirits shares top secret information about one of its relationships abroad

Lost Spirits announces its partnership with philosophically progressive technologist and lover of futurism Roshini Jaiswal of the Jaiswal family of India.  LINK

- April  2019 -

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- March 2019 -

Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine puts out a huge spread about Lost Spirits Distillery in its publication.  link

- January 2019 -







World's best distillery tour

Drinks International London, declares Lost Spirits' Distillery tour the best tour in the world.  link

Tied for Best Distillery Experience in the World

The Spirits Business London awards Lost Spirits as the best distillery experience in the world tied with a distillery in Ireland.  link

America's top craft experience

The American Distilling Institute puts out its best of list and Lost Spirits is declared the top craft experience in America.  link

- 94 pts. liquid gold -

Lost spirits is awarded 94 points and given the title of liquid gold in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, 2018  link

- First patent issues -

Lost Spirits obtains its first issued patent among an entire portfolio of applications  link

- Best in class -

International Rum Festival in Miami


Lost Spirits' Navy 61 Rum is named one of the Best in Class by the Rum XP judging pannel.

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- WIRED Magazine-

Lost Spirits gets extensive coverage in Wired Magazine for both its patent work and creativity in Lost Spirits Distillery in Los Angeles  link


- lost spirits navy 61 -

Rum Reimagined


Lost Spirits re-designs its Navy 61 rum and rapidly takes home a Best in Class Award by the esteemed judges at the International Rum Festival in Miami.  The team begins toiling away at brining back the rest the spirits line while making improvements a long the way.

- hello world -

meet TESSA


The Lab team programs an autonomous computer system to run the distillery freeing up time to work on new creations in the lab.  Affectionately called TESSA, she regularly signs her name on bottles in her new role as master distiller.  She even gives distillery tours.

Late 2016

- late 2016 -

The Los Angeles Move


Out of love and respect for our customers and fans, Lost Spirits begins a new site build in the Downtown Los Angeles, Arts District.  The  experiential location boasts advanced technology and cutting edge distilling techniques. 


Designed with the booze geek in mind, it is highly personal, educational and expressive.  Industry guests are allowed in, but by invitation only.

Lost Spirits wins global prize for Innovation


Lost Spirits wins the Global Spirits Master Title from leading industry publication Drinks Business, for its work proving that it is possible to mature spirits in a lab setting.



Lost Spirits is one of only 6 distilled spirits products named to the GP100 top 100 products of 2015.

- The Unveiling -


Lost Spirits demonstrates to the world that the technical breakthrough it had carried out in 2014 could be done at scale production volumes. The company takes on its first outside partners to help bring the technology to customers, Rational Spirits with the first rum license, and Rattleback Rye with the first whiskey license. Both of whom will soon begin planning The Lab.

2015 - Early 2016

- Silicon Valley -


After the aging breakthrough, the team closed the Lost Spirits Distillery, in Monterey, California and moved to a stealth location in the hills above Silicon Valley. In the seclusion of the hill top engineering facility the team worked day and night to build the machine. 

- Critical Acclaim -


The Lost Spirits Colonial Inspired Rum enjoys critical success, winning top ratings.  It is often compared to some of the worlds top rums.  Only 25 cases were made. 

- The Announcement -


Lost Spirits announces that the critically acclaimed Colonial Inspired Rum was in fact only 6 days old and was the product of a technological breakthrough.  The company also published the forensic chemistry showing that the rum was chemically 15-20 years old. 

- Top 100 Products -


Gear Patrol names Lost Spirits' new product among the top 100.

 Late 2014


- The "Polynesian" -


An early attempt at what would soon become the aging miracle, the Polynesian inspired rum was beautifully unbalanced. It overproduced oak aging derived fruity esters by a factor of 2:1 but with the complexity of fine spirits. The unnaturally fruity rum become known for its ability to punch up the complex fruit flavors in craft tiki cocktails - gloriously.

Lost Spirits launches Leviathan III

Single Malt



Leviathan III made with sea brine is an interesting comparison between the other two Leviathans.  Each including barley that has been peated to 110 ppm.  When yeast are stressed they become more inclined to produce  acids and esters.  These become precusers and building blocks for later.

- The "Cuban" Inspired 151 -


Fully sippable at 151 proof and dangerous in drinks, This rum stood as a great example of what high tech production methods can lead to and it still stands as the most back ordered spirit ever produced by Lost Spirits.


-  best of class -


The International Rum XP's award the Navy Rum with two Gold medals in two categories, including the coveted best in class medal.

Early 2014

- Splice The Main Brace -


The 68% "Navy rum" was designed to taste like what we imagined the rum of the Pirates of the Caribbean series would taste like. The fermentation involved carefully chosen bacteria strains to develop richer flavors, and the aging was tuned to produce more phenolic smoky aromas than nature would allow . 


- The Navy 68 wins a Gold medal -


Lost Spirits Navy 68 takes home a gold medal from the Los Angeles Craft Spirits Competition.  

Early 2013

Lost Spirits launches Seascape II

Single Malt



Seascape II is a revision of our earlier Seascape malt experimentally fermented  using sea brine.  During our studies we found that yeast cells thicken in sea brine fermentations.  They also reduce their reproduction levels and live much longer or in some cases become seemingly "immortal".

- Umami Single Malt -



Umami is fermented using sea brine from the Pacific Ocean, creating a savory quality and  complexity unlike that of any other single malt. 

Lost Spirits launches Bohemian Bonfire
single malt
Bohemian Bonfire is a very bright expression.  This product is an example of how drastically a product can change its character depending on when the distillation custs are taken.  Bohemian Bonfire has tighter cuts to  end at a higher proof.

Lost Spirits Opens for Tours

October 2013


After 2 years of requests the distillery finally opened for tours.  The tour experiance was covered by the Los Angeles Times, Spirit Magazine, GQ, and numerous others spurring tickets to book out months in advance. 


It was an unbelievable experiance, meeting so many customers from every part of the world, and one we are looking forward to repeating at The Lab.

Calafia Launches

October 2012


Calafia explores peat harvested from an island near the Sacramento Delta.  It, along with Ouroboros are the the only malts smoked using regional peat from California.  It creates a totally different experience from Islay peat.  This release went entirely to Germany.


December 2010


Bryan and Joanne return from Europe where they founded their first distillery.  The couple move to Monterey County and create Lost Spirits Distillery.

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