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Lost Spirits is looking for fascinating team members to join our "pirate ship"







Seeking one badass chef who will obsess day-and-night over the quality of the food and experience for the customer as much as we do.  We are seeking someone who can bring a Michelin Star rating to Los Angeles' food scene.  Do not apply if you do not think you can create this sort of experience.  The start date is flexible but must be before May 1, 2019.  


Lost Spirits Distillery is one of the most cutting edge distilleries and offers what has become the world’s top ranked distillery tour experience.   We are seeking to create a 8 - 10 seating restaurant in our edible exotic plant garden.   Dinner will be served once nightly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.  


This is a dream job for the right person.  The leading candidate will have:


- Ambition and implementation skills 

- A strong desire to get their hands dirty

- A love of distilled spirits

- The ability and drive to create a high-concept menu unlike that of any other restaurant.


This experience will excite 24 - 30 guests each weekend and again, must aim for amazing accolades such as a James Beard Award or a Michelin rating.

- No limits on food cost within reason

- Headcount limits - You will cook for 8 - 10 guests only 3 nights per week.  We wish for a private experience and we don't want a big crew

- Pay is negotiable and should not be the reason to apply


Please sends us a reason why you are a perfect candidate as well as an argument on why you are the absolute perfect fit.  Please also send references that demonstrate your cababilities including but not limited to pictures, resume, cover letter, news articles, etc.  


Lost Spirits offers an intense start-up lifestyle, where you will be working with a small team of electrical engineers, materials scientists, chemists, inventors, artists, and computer scientists.


The multi-disciplinary team is a joy to work with and the job is a dream job for the right person.


Lost Spirits is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status. This isn't just a legal requirement. We enjoy having a diverse team. That being said, we do discriminate against candidates who lack creativity, ingenuity, or are generally grumpy.

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