This project draws into question our own sensibility of right and wrong..


Ingredients: Imported peated malt (45-55 ppm),

late harvest Riesling seasoned American oak.

No additives, no flavorings, no coloring agents.

Abomination represents the merger of our latest technological developments with an imported 45-55 ppm peated malt sourced from an  island sacred to us all, which we are not at liberty to disclose.


Tasting Notes


COLOR:  Auburn to light mahogany

NOSE: Peat smoked marmalade

TASTE: Opens with sweet marmalade and fresh apricots, but quickly transitions to a classic peated malt profile with deep peat smoke, iodine and chocolate.

FINISH: Wraps up with lingering coffee, dried apricots and lingering bonfire smoke. 


"I am quite proud of this, even if it is a sin to do it."




Unveiling in

July 2016